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Puja and Kolkata it seems as if these two words are inseparable. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing , if you have ever been to Kolkata during the autumn festival you’ll definitely wish to come back again.

We call it the biggest festival of the Bengalis , but is it only so? The answer is definitely “No”. Durga Puja is really a festival of all those who want to enjoy , for those who have a heart to make merry. You need not be a Hindu , you need not be a Bengali , all u need is a fun loving heart.

There are certain changes in the city when the Puja nears.

The first thing that you observe is that golden warm sunlight when you wake up in the morning.

Get up and you’ll hear those dhakis( drummer in Bengali) beating their drums. Believe me they will drive you to a land of festival and merry making.

Dhakis of Bengal

Dont think this is the end of essencing the autumn festival. Just walk a few steps out of your house and there are those huge bamboo structures waiting to be wrapped with the colourful sheets of cloth. These would become the abode of Durga Ma for the five day festival.

Big colorful hoardings add a little more to the color and vigour of this city.

Out in the markets, leave apart the shopping malls , people move from shop to shop with handful of plastic bags. Its the festival of shopping. From the Gariahat footpath to the largest and costliest shops in the city – all are filled with customers shopping for the Puja.

Puja Shopping craze

The kids running about everywhere flaunting their new toy guns and playing police and thief with their mates. One may even catch you asking for how many did you get this time. Dont take it in any other way. The little kid is just asking for the number of new dresses you got for the festival.

Its the festival of joy  in the City of joy. An undying City, Kolkata , welcomes all to get the flavor of this big magical festival.

Its the festival of coming back home.


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