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“My daughter”

“My sister”

“My friend”

“My wife”

“My daughter-in-law”

“My mother”

That is how you call her.

As she is not physically strong and cannot go about doing heavy work as he can do, she is called the weaker sex, but why, when she had always been his source of inspiration, his strength at hard times. She is the home maker who binds her family together. She is the one who acts like the mariner’s compass when the family looses its track. If you call man, the head of the family, then the woman is the neck, she has the power to turn the head any way she likes.

Give her money, she will give you pleasure, her body .Give her status, a title, she will give you her chastity, she will give you love; she will give you your baby. That is how women had been defined in this male dominated society. But are these few words enough to describe the best creation of God. She is the one whom the child sees after opening its eyes just after birth and the last person who stands by your side at the time of your death. The so called weaker sex had been the subject of humiliation, torture, but never did she raise a voice against this, because she had been bestowed on with the power of patience, the power to absorb everything.

The society is changing, changing every hour. What is new this moment becomes old within just a blink of the eye. New beliefs, new thoughts. Economics, sociology, philosophy …………….. changing for the betterment of humankind .But has the status of women been raised from what it was in the last decade? Women are still the backward class of people who are looked down upon .They are still kept in cages, though its color has changed, the cage has attained a bigger size, but still a cage is a cage .

There are two classes of women, one who is self sufficient, does her own work, earns her living, she is self-dependent. The other class of women is the dependant ones, living on somebody. May whatever her class be women are the commodities of lust, because the society has not yet raised its idea about women from the age old belief that women are just to make love with.

Women are worshipped as the Mother Goddess. In every religion there is the mention of the women power, but why is she being pushed back then? Even today they are kept at home to be showcased next to the new imported dolls.

Why is this indifference? Why should she be loved and adored in one hand, and humiliated and embarrassed on the other?

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